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Hyperspectral Illumination

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared)

Multispectral Illumination

Line Lights / Line Scan

ExoLight™ (Linear Illuminators)

Barcode Lighting



Harsh Environment / Washdown

Diffused Dome / Tube Lights

LED Pattern Projector

LED Light Engines & Fiber Illumination

Front Lights

Diffused Axial Lights

Ring Lights

Off-Axis Ring Lights

High Power Flood Light

Flat Dome Lights

Strobe Lights/Law Enforcement

Manual Dimmers

Power Supplies


Washdown Spotlights:

Unlike fluorescent spotlights, these LED based illuminators have a long lifetime and will not degrade over time. These efficient lights consume only 11 watts of power, yet shine 6 times brighter than 60watt incandescent.

LED Spotlights
LED Washdown Spot Light [+] View Details
LED Washdown Spot Light FR-SL205
Metaphase’s new LED Spot Light provides low cost, washdown illumination. These new illuminators are available in a variety of beam angles and optimal working distances. These lights are housed in rugged waterproof housing that can stand up to high pressure washdown environments.
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