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MetaBright™ Series

Fiber optic light sources can be utilized in Machine Vision Applications due to a wide array of illumination features. Our breakthrough perfomance Fiber Illuminators boast long life, lower power consumption, and immunity to a variety of rugged conditions. Each fiber optic light illuminator is customizable to include strobing options and stable output for any application.


Our microscope lighting offers a lower intersity fiber illuminator, ideal for micscope, endoscope, and fiber lighting applications. These illuminators are an efficient replacement for current halogen bulbs. MetaBright™ LED engine features a remarkable operating efficiency, minimum heat generation and an easily replaceable modular design to protect against LED source obsolescence.



  • Fiber optics

  • Microscopy

  • Endoscopy

  • Spotlight source

  • Fiber Backlighting

  • Architectural Fiber Lighting

  • Light Sourcing in presence of Eddy Currents




LED Light Engines & Fiber Illumination
Metaphaser [+] View Details
Metaphaser Metaphaser® LED MetaBright light engine with Super High Output are now available. Up to a 1400 % intensity improvement over 150 watt Halogen Hot Lights can now be achieved. Metaphase Technologies, Inc. sets a new performance benchmark with cool white LED intensities equivalent to a 250W Metal Halide light sources. The system is ideal for replacing older generation ”hot light” fiber based illuminator systems and for green technology efficiency upgrade programs.
Microscope Illuminator [+] View Details
Microscope Illuminator Metaphase unveals its new MP-LED-150 light Engine for microscope,endoscope, and fiber lighting applications. Features include Long life LED lightsource, adjustable intensity, and Low cost. The MP-LED-150 exceeds the industry’s standard 150 watt halogen based product and supplies a current stabilized even white illumination. The small form factor fits in a 6.4x4.1x6.0 dp space with all controls on front panel. The unit is supplied with a universal ac adapter for low voltage operation and universal nosepiece adaptable for a wide range of fiber sizes.
LED Light Engine [+] View Details
LED Light Engine Our newest and brightest light engine to date, this product was designed for direct fiber coupling of up to 8mm fiber bundles and features patent pending optical and patented thermal control technology as well as a built in 24 volt LED driver in one small compact package.
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