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Metaphaser LED Light Engine:

The system is ideal for replacing older generation "hot light" fiber based illuminator systems and for green technology efficiency upgrade programs. Designed for fiber optics with light acceptance areas of 6 - 20mm. With appropriate Metaphase adapter, can mechanically accept fiber optics with outer housing diameter up to 20mm.

The proprietary digital-optical dimming control provides excellent color stability over it’s 75,000 hour rated lifetime. MetaBright LED engine features a remarkable operating efficiency, minimum heat generation and an easily replaceable modular design to protect against LED source obsolescence.


  • Similar to the brightness levels of 250-watt metal halide fiber illuminator technology
  • Long life-time (75,000 hours)
  • Lower power consumption (less then 100 watts)
  • 60x less energy consumption then comparable “hot lights”
  • Consistent color temperature during dimming and over time
  • RoHS compliant


  • Microscopy
  • Industrial Borescopes
  • Inspection Systems
  • Machine Vision


 Model#: MP-LE1007


Unit Screencaps:

Below images detail the initial launch and menu option for the MP-LE1007:

Image above shows the current Version of the Metaphaser™ and is the initial launch screen. This image displays menu to change the intensity of the Metaphaser using the up and down arrows. (0% - 100%)
Current Draw (Max): 5A @ 12VDC
Operating Temperature: 41° to 104°F (4 to 45°C)
Housing: Aluminum, Pearl Night Blue
Lifetime Expectancy: 75,000 Hours
Weight: 4lbs / 1814g
Illuminance: 1.7 Million Lux* 
2.2 Million Lux* with optional Optical Condenser

 * Please contact your Metaphase representative for possible higher intensity versions.

Wavelength Colors


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