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Metaphase Technologies’ Universal LED Controller provides independent, constant-current control of two LED loads at up to 4 amps continuous DC or a maximum output power of 60 Watts per channel. In Pulse (Strobe) Mode, the ULC-2 is capable of output currents up to 40 amps. The ULC-2 is capable of driving LED forward voltages between 3V and 20V. Pulsewidths are adjustable down 2 microseconds and external trigger rates up to 50kHz.


The ULC-2 may be remotely controlled over Ethernet using the Metaphase Windows software MetaBOSS. Additionally, user-adjustments of the ULC-2 are provided by way of a user-friendly LCD interface. Up to five preset configurations per channel may be saved and recalled to meet the changing demands of today’s applications.



  • Strobe or Continues operation
  • 2 Channel Output
  • Din Rail Mountable
  • Compact Design
  • LCD Display
  • Ethernet Connectivity


  • Compatible with standard LED illumination systems.


ULC-2 [+] View Details
ULC-2 Utilizing the most innovative techniques, the Universal LED Controller (ULC), controls the timing and intensity of multiple LED lights in a safe, precise and stable manner. The ULC controls the LED lighting in both strobe mode with Power boosting (max current resulting in max intensity) and DC mode. The unit is programmed & controlled via the built-in LCD menu driven software or the included software used with the controller’s built-in Ethernet & USB port
DDC-3 [+] View Details
DDC-3 Metaphase Technologies’ Digital Dimming Controller (DDC-3) provides 0-10V dimming true voltage control of three independent LED loads in increments of 0.1V. The DDC-3 may be remotely controlled over Ethernet using Metaphase Technologies’ MetaBOSS Windows software or by third-party programs using the DDC-3’s Ethernet Commands. Additionally, user-adjustments of the DDC-3 are provided by way of a user-friendly LCD interface.
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