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Provides independent, constant-current control of two LED loads at up to 4amps continuous DC and a maximum output power of 60 Watts per channel. In Pulse (Strobe) Mode, the ULC-2 is capable of output currents up to 40 amps. The ULC-2 is capable of driving LED forward voltages between 3V and 20V and higher, but with a possible reduction in maximum pulse current. Pulsewidths are adjustable down to 2 microseconds and external trigger rates up to 50kHz.


  • Strobe or Continuous operation
  • 2 Channel Output
  • Din Rail Mountable
  • Compact Design
  • LCD Display
  • Ethernet and USB Connectivity


This unit is a comprehensive control device built for compatibility with standard LED illumination systems.
For continuous, intensity, and strobing control with programmability for preset parameters, trigger delay, and pulse variation via user-friendly LCD or using Ethernet and USB commands.


Universal LED Controller

Model#: ULC-2


Number of Channels 2
Voltage Input 24V+/-10%
Voltage Output 3V to 65V
DC Current 20mA min to 4A max
Pulse Current 100mA min to 40A max
Pulsewidth Minimum 2 microseconds
Pulsewidth Maximum 60,000 microseconds
Power Output 60 Watts/channel
Trigger Input Opto-isolated, 3V-24V, 7mA draw, rising or falling edge triggered or falling edge triggered
Trigger Rate up to 50khz
Ethernet Control UDP messaging over 172.16 sub-net - UDP Port 5000
Operating Mode DC, Pulse (Strobe), Constant Voltage
Compliance RoHS
Expected Lifetime 75,000 hours
Mounting Din-rail
Dimensions 7.40" x 4.72" x 2.27"




Easy To Use Control 
User-friendly LCD front panel display with keypad or the  ULC-2 can be embedded into custom applications using the ULC-2 instruction set or the included MetaBoss software 

Wiring Diagram
*Please refer to the diagram below for LED output and trigger input connections.

The ULC-2 shall be powered by a user-supplied power supply having the following ratings:

  • 24VDC
  • 6A
  • Switching power supply preferred
  • To minimize rise-time distortion and guarantee pulsewidth values, keep all LED load wires as short as possible.

ULC-2 Trigger Inputs

  • For external trigger operation, each channel provides separate trigger inputs. Trigger pulses enable the LED output for a period set by the Pulsewidth parameter.

ULC-2 LED Outputs

  • With the ULC-2 un-powered, connect channel 1 & 2 LED loads to the positive and negative LED outputs.



Controller software for ULC2, DDC3, and Metaphaser: 6.4.hex, 7.0.hex and 7.4.hex
ULC2_LedDriver: 4.5.hex, 5.1.hex, 6.2.hex and 7.2.hex
MetaBOSS Controller/Driver Software for DDC-3, ULC-2, and Metaphaser:
MetaBOSS_6.1.exe, MetaBOSS_7.2.exe and MetaBOSS_7.3.exe
ULC2-Metaphaser-DDC3 Commands (1)R1.xls
ULC2-Metaphaser-DDC3 Command List Excel Sheet
ULC-2 Design Limits Calculator.xls
ULC-2 Design Limits Calculator Excel Spreadsheet
ULC-2 User Manual V7.X.pdf
This PDF was updated on August 5, 2015
Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing


 Please call Metaphase at 215-639-8699 or your local representative for any additional information.

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