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Metaphase Diffused Axial Lights use beam-splitter technology to generate homogenous coaxial illumination in line with camera aperture. Equipped with multiple tapped holes for mounting, these fixtures can be easily integrated into existing vision systems. Diffused coaxial lighting eliminates dark spots or shadows inherent in other forms of illumination and allows camera to be placed at a longer working distance.

Features an onboard and integrated driver with advanced thermal management system assures long lifetime and cost effectiveness. Various wavelengths including IR and RGB are available, as well as strobe and dimming options. Ideal for reflective/shiny surfaces. 


Illumination Type: Coaxial (on-axis) Illumination




·       Exclusive optical beam splitter and diffuser stack 

·       Optional dust cover protection for beam splitter glass

·       High Density Precision Chips Technology (HDPCT)

·       Ease of mounting and integration: multiple tapped holes

·       Allows camera a longer working distance

·       Thermal management affords cost-effective design

·       Options include built-in & potentiometer intensity control

·       Available IR, UV, and RGB



·       Sphere inspection for surface flaws

·       Ball bearing inspection

·       CD/DVD label inspection

·       LCD display inspection

·       Automotive part inspection 



Diffused Axial Lights
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Diffused Axial Light This diffused co-axial illuminator produces uniform intensity for specific lighting areas. The ideal lighting for specular, polished or glossy surfaces, diffused axial lights feature beam splitter technology which provides a square or rectangular in-beam path of diffused illumination over the entire camera's field of view. Our diffused axial lights can be configured for wavelength and other specifications.
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