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Diffused Dome Lights:

Standard and MetaBright™ Series


Featuring high intensity and uniformity (+/- 5%), Metaphase MetaBrightand MetaLight Diffused Dome Lights are ideal for inspection of reflective, specular, rough, or topographic surfaces. Optical grade reflector coating returns 99.9% of light for optimum diffused output.  Metaphase Diffused Dome Lights are engineered to minimize glare and prevent unwanted shadows for optimal illumination.


Diffused Tube Lights:

Our Diffused Tube Lights share the benefits of diffused dome lighting but are structured to address the needs of illuminating specular surfaced objects with high aspect ratios (wide or thin). 


Illumination Type:  Diffused, Non-Directional.

Diffused dome/tube illumination yields non-directional illumination for applications requiring lighting from all angles across the viewing hemisphere. 



·   Thermal management for consistent performance

·   High intensity and uniform, non-directional illumination for optimal area scan  

·   Ideal for highly reflective surfaces and textured or topographic objects

·   Provides cloudy day illumination minimizing shadows and glare

·   Enclosed workspace blocks interference of ambient light

·   Optical grade coating reflects 99.9% of light for optimum diffused output

·   Strobe & dimming options



·        Metal and chromed ball-bearing surface inspection 

·        CD / DVD assembly inspection

·        Package inspection of glossy plastics and finishes

·        Inspection of metal stampings and parts with electrical contacts

·        Automotive applications

·        Medical device packaging and tray packs

·        Pharmaceuticals blister form fill and trim

·        Cosmetics and makeup packaging equipment and lines

·        Elongated test objects



AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MANUFACTURING: Machine-vision system sorts aluminum car wheels



Diffused Dome / Tube Lights
Co-Axial Dome Light [+] View Details
Co-Axial Dome Light Co-Axial Dome Light
Diffused Dome Light [+] View Details
Diffused Dome Light MetaBright-Dome Light (MB-DL)
Diffused Tube Light [+] View Details
Diffused Tube Light This Diffused Tube Light provides high output diffuse uniform lighting. Our Diffused Dome Lights can be configured for wavelength and other specifications.
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