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The Metaphase ExoLight™ is the most efficient and economical LED replacement technology available for the fluorescent tube. The Metaphase ExoLight™ is best applied where a highly intense, yet widely diffused light beam is required.

Metaphase's own patent-pending anisotropic plastic micro-lens diffusers shape the isotropic illumination unique to the Exolight™. Isotropic lensing produces extremely even illumination and eliminates the glare and hot spots inherent in LEDs. The ExoLight™ is "tube-like" in form and mimics the softly diffused output of fluorescent fixtures like no other ordinarily diffused LED fixture can. These fixtures produce higher power and more stable output than fluorescents while featuring the long lifetime expectancy and low cost of ownership of LEDs. Solid-state performance ensures 75,000 hour lifetime expectancy for each of our lighting systems.


  • Built-in constant current driver(s) provides consistent illumination output
  • Strobe versions available
  • 0-10V & potentiometer intensity control versions available
  • More stable than and outperforms (3x) fluorescent tubes
  • Compact diffused Flat tube versions for high reflective materials
  • 24V version requires no special controllers
  • Features a clamping style tilt bracket to allow easy positioning from 0-180º
  • CE Rated with international voltage adapters
  • Compact robust packaging, no glass
  • Dimming options available
  • Various wavelengths available including IR, UV and RGB


  • Robot pick & place applications
  • Packaging inspection such as absence & presence of product in packaging boxes
  • Absence/presence of Pharmaceutical tables in blister pack
  • Automotive component inspection
  • Coiled steel pin-hole detection


[pictured above] Metaphase ExoLight™ installed in pick and place robotics for compact assembly



ExoLight™ (Linear Illuminators)
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Exolight Metaphase ExoLights™ produce whiter, brighter, and flicker-free illumination compared with fluorescent technology, with a 75,000hour LED lifetime expectancy. Isotropic lensing shapes a highly diffused and shadow-free beam of light. Metaphase Exolights™ currently support a variety of machine vision system applications including automotive component inspection, factory automation, and packaging and pharmaceutical tablet inspection.
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