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Washdown LED Lights:

MetaBright Series
Certain vision systems require rugged, waterproof, or washdown compatible lighting solutions. Metaphase Technologies boasts an expert lighting design staff and years of experience adapting our lights to the specific needs of our customers. 

We use top grade materials such as 316 stainless steel, FDA certified gaskets, NEMA 4X rated connectors and cable glands. Our expert engineers and our almost 2 decades of experience designing sealing pressure vessels and electronics instrumentation for the military enables us to tackle some of the toughest lighting applications you'll ever encounter.


  • Low Cost
  • Swivel Bracket allows for precise positioning
  • Easy Mounting
  • Washdown
  • 6x brighter than incandescent bulb
  • Low Power Energy Consumption
  • IP65 - IP67 ratings


  • Enclosures with NEMA and IP ratings
  • Lights made with FDA approved washdown compatible materials
  • Dust or vapor tight enclosures
  • Explosion proof lighting
  • Outdoor or corrosion proof enclosures
  • Food and Drug lighting
  • Military lighting


Harsh Environment / Washdown
RoboLight [+] View Details
RoboLight RoboLight Linear Lights are designed for IP68 rated environments and large work envelopes like those found in the robotics industry. Features built-in constant current driver for stable light output and ease of integration.
Ruggedized Area Front Light [+] View Details
Ruggedized Area Front Light This ruggedized MetaBright™ area front light provides 11" x 6" (300x150mm) direct intensity lighting. Used alone or in pairs these lights have the advantage of being able to be moved around to both on and off axis to provide the best lighting scenario.
Washdown LED Spotlights [+] View Details
Washdown LED Spotlights Certain vision systems require rugged, waterproof, or washdown compatible lighting solutions. Metaphase Technologies boasts an expert lighting design staff and years of experience adapting our lights to the specific needs of our customers.
Washdown Ring Light [+] View Details
Washdown Ring Light Our IP67 Washdown and Harsh Environment Near Axial and Bright Field Ring Lights allow you to use one of the most popular lighting systems in a larger variety of environments. These Ring Lights can now be used where they may be exposed to water, moisture, and debris. With this watertight gasket design, high-pressure jets and wash downs are no problem; great for food, drug, or outdoor applications. The Metabright Washdown Ring Light is available with a wide variety of LED colors such as White, Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV (365 nm and 395 nm), and RGB with independent color control.
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