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Washdown Ring Light

Our IP67 Washdown and Harsh Environment Near Axial and Bright Field Ring Lights allow you to use one of the most popular lighting systems in a larger variety of environments. These Ring Lights can now be used where they may be exposed to water, moisture, and debris. With this watertight gasket design, high-pressure jets and wash downs are no problem; great for food, drug, or outdoor applications. The Metabright Washdown Ring Light is available with a wide variety of LED colors such as White, Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV (365 nm and 395 nm), and RGB with independent color control.



Built to with stand harsh Environments with an Industry leading IP67 Design

  • Solid one-piece machined aluminum housings and thermal potting assures long life performance even in rugged environments 
  • Small Compact design helps maximize performance with minimal impact on space requirements
  • Uses High Power Surface Mount LEDs to provide more intensity then traditional LED layouts
  • Metaphase ringlights are the lowest cost simplest form of LED ring camera lighting for standard intensity ring illumination needs 
  • Provides ON-axis illumination


  • Electronic and circuity inspecting
  • Robotic vision and Automation
  • Pick and Place Machines
  • Bar Code Reading
  • Food
  • Drug
  • Medical
  • Outdoor


Washdown Ring Light


  [Code] Wavelength (nanometers)
  R 630nm Red LED
  G 530nm Green LED
  B 470nm (Optional 450nm) Blue LED
  IR 850nm (Optional 880nm-940nm) Infrared
  W 6000° Kelvin / Highest Intensity
      RGB 625nm / 530nm / 470nm (Discrete RGB LED Packaging)
  UVL (UV Long) 395nm UV LED
  UVL (UV Short) 365nm LEDs


Different Diffusor options for customizing lighting area and uniformity



Driver & Strobe Options:

We Offer our lights with many different driver configurations to make the lights compatible with the latest LED controllers and Vision Cameras. This provides greater flexibility, control, and convenience when integrating Metaphase Illumination systems

some drivers may not be compatible with all sizes due to current requirements etc. Please contact a Metaphase Representative for details.


Models #

RL 101-IP67 1" I.D. and 3" O.D.
RL 205-IP67 2" I.D. and 4" O.D.
RL 301-IP67 2.5" I.D. and 5.75" O.D.

*Custom sizes may be available upon request


Washdown Ring Light
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