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Standard and MetaBright™ Series 
Metaphase offers the industry's breakthrough performance line lights for imaging, web, and high-speed line scan applications requiring ultra-high intensity and uniformity. Our line lights are built as lean fixtures that can be easily controlled and integrated into visions systems.

Our standard and MetaBright™ Line Lights feature an adjustable lens, enhanced cooling options, and low current consumption.  Our new computer-operated micro-flow compressed air thermal control and integrated fan cooling systems allow Metaphase Line Lights to operate cool, a thermal advantage in many applications.

Metaphase standard and MetaBright™ Line Lights project a thin strip of concentrated LED light onto an object, suitable for inspection by Line Scan cameras (linear array), the web converting industry, and non-web applications such as road surface & bottle inspection, or other high speed scanning applications. Equip with patent-pending micro-lens and high power LEDs, Metaphase Line Lights produce a uniform beam output brighter than COB (Chip On Board) or halogen technology. 


  • High intensity, over 1 million Lux
  • Metaphase Technologies offers the largest selection of line lights available: Sizes 1” to 120” 
  • High uniformity both laterally and longitudinally 
  • Lens options for various beam widths and working distances
  • Cooling options include convection, fans, compressed air with and without computer air flow 
  • Outperform halogen and fluorescent based illumination 
  • Intensity control capability 
  • Collimated versions for extremely long working distances 
  • Compact Diffuse Flat Tube versions for high reflective materials 
  • Diffuse Axial Line Lights for on-axis illumination 
  • Adjustable lens focusing range [mm to meters]
  • Built-in constant current driver(s) provides consistent illumination output 
  • 24V version require no special controllers; simply provide 24VDC


  • Backlight versions for web backlight & silhouetting applications
  • Web inspection (foil, plastic film, PCBs, glass, paper, web converting, etc)
  • Geometry measurements of long targets
  • Direct position measurement
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Tube or bottle inspection


Line Lights / Line Scan
UL Line Light [+] View Details
UL Line Light Blending the advanced breakthrough technology of our Gen4 Line Light with the compact design of our Metabright™ line light, brings the latest line light design in the Metaphase family. Our UL Line light and its UX version,provide a narrow, structured beam that delivers high intensity and concentrated light for the narrow field of view of a traditional line scan cameras. The high intensity and uniformity allow the UL Line Light to be used as a front light to inspect for material defects; angled to obtain an off-axis effect to highlight surface defects or, it may be placed beneath the object for a backlight effect to inspect for holes, voids, or containments. The UL Line Light is available with a wide variety of LED colors such as white, red, green, blue, IR, UV (365nm & 395nm), and even RGB with independent color control up to 150” (3.81m) in length for large web applications.
MetaBright™ Line Light [+] View Details
MetaBright™ Line Light The MetaBright™ line light produces extremely high brightness and uniform line across the various apertures. Our line lights can be configured for wavelength, cooling method and working distance.
Collimated Line Light [+] View Details
Collimated Line Light Incorporates proprietary optics to create a high power collimated line light for LONG distance application. This collimated line light produces extremely high brightness and uniform line across apertures. Our line lights can be configured for wavelength, cooling method and working distances.
MetaLight™ Line Light [+] View Details
MetaLight™ Line Light This MetaLight™ line light produces uniform line across the various apertures. Our line lights can be configured for various wavelengths and working distance.
Compact Diffused Tube Line Lights [+] View Details
Compact Diffused Tube Line Lights The MetaBright™ Compact Diffused Tube Line Light is a low profile version of Metaphase’s diffused tube lights with an aperture designed for line scan applications. Ideal for inspecting highly specular reflective materials with line scan cameras.
Oblique Line Light [+] View Details
Oblique Line Light Metaphase Oblique and Wrinkle Line light is designed with unique angled LEDs to project light at a 20 degree angle. The angled light makes the OLL great for creating a dark field/off-axis effect for line scan and area scan applications or for wrinkle detection. Using high output LED technology, the Oblique/Wrinkle Line light produces high intensity lighting needed for high speed imaging.
Diffused Axial Line Light [+] View Details
Diffused Axial Line Light This MetaBright™ Diffused Axial Line Light produces uniform and extreme intensity lighting aperture for line scan applications.
Dark Field Line Light [+] View Details
Dark Field Line Light The Eclipser™, a line light innovation.
Multispectral line Light [+] View Details
Multispectral line Light Metaphase is proud to introduce our next generation of breakthrough LED illumination for the machine vision market with latest addition to our family of Multispectral LED lights, the RGB & NIR (Near IR) LED Line Light. Traditionally multispectral line scan inspection applications, such as agriculture (fruit, meat, etc) inspection, required multiple inspection stations, each with its own camera & unique single wavelength (color) LED Light. Multispectral cameras from companies such as Teledyne Dalsa & JAI, along with these Metaphase line lights configured with individually controllable RGB & IR LEDs, can perform all these inspections at a single station. With discrete R,G,B and IR LEDs, you can maximize contrast by choosing the best color and provide more intensity in specific wavelength compared to a traditional monochrome white line light. More Control. More Contrast. More Power.
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