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Collimated Line Lights:

Using Metaphase's proprietary optics, the Collimated Line Light works similar to a traditional line light but can project its light at a lower divergence angle. This helps keep a tight, structured beam of light at longer working distance many meters away while delivering high intensity and works great for applications where you can't have the light close to the object or web. This is useful creating clearance for robotics, imaging high tunnel ceilings, to create distance from hot objects, or applications requiring extremely precise backlight imaging. The Collimated Line Light is a great tool for any line scan or machine vision lighting application.


  • Proprietary Collimated Lens for Low Divergence angle illumination: Great for maintaining a structured beam of light at longer working distance
  • Available in 5" increments starting from 5" to 120" models 
  • Metabright Collimated Line Lights have a smaller profile with active cooling fans
  • Our UX Collimated Line Lights are passively cooled with options for compressed air or liquid cooling; useful for high intensity applications & harsh environments 
  • High Uniformity: Using Metaphase’s unique diffuser technology, our Collimated Line Lights are great for Front and Back Lighting Line Scan Applications
  • Built-in driver(s) provides consistent illumination output


  • Web Inspection (Foil, Plastic Film, PCBs, glass, paper, web converting, etc)
  • Geometric measurements of long targets
  • Direct Position measurement
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Tube or bottle inspection
  • Quality control in food, chemicals and textile industry
  • Detection of holes in highly transparent films (Backlighting) and laminated glass
  • Nonwovens
  • Fabrics
  • Solar Cells  
  • Hot Steel Inspection
  • Long Working distance applications such as tunnel, rail, or ceiling inspection
  • High precision, High accuracy measurement applications
  • Machine Vision & Automation 
  • Robotic Inspection




  MetaBright UX
Power Source: 24VDC +/-10% 24VDC +/-10%
Cable (Typical): 10 foot / (3.05 m) cable with flying leads 10 foot / (3.05 m) cable with flying leads
Housing: Black Anodized Aluminum Black Anodized Aluminum
Cooling: Active Cooling Fans Passive (Optional Compressed Air or Liquid Cooled)
Operating Conditions: -30 °C to 60 °C -30 °C to 60 °C
Lifetime Expectancy: 75,000 hours 75,000 hours
Illuminance: 1.6 Million Lux* 1.6 Million Lux*
CE, RoHS conformity: Yes Yes
Intensity Control: 0-10V intensity control built in.
Compatible with DDC-3 & ILD-35-24-L
0-10V intensity control built in.
Compatible with DDC-3 & ILD-35-24-L

*Please contact your Metaphase representative for possible higher intensity versions.

Wavelength Colors

Please contact your Metaphase representative for information regarding wavelengths that do not appear above.




Length Drawings   Model Length Drawings
MB-CLL206 5"          UX-CLL209 5"       
MB-CLL306 10"          UX-CLL309 10"       
MB-CLL406 15"          UX-CLL409 15"       
MB-CLL506 20"          UX-CLL509 20"       
MB-CLL606 25"          UX-CLL609 25"       
MB-CLL706 30"          UX-CLL709 30'       
MB-CLL806 35"          UX-CLL809 35"       
MB-CLL907 40"          UX-CLL909 40"       
MB-CLL1007 45"          UX-CLL1009 45"       
MB-CLL1107 50"          UX-CLL1109 50"       
MB-CLL1207 55"          UX-CLL1209 55"       
MB-CLL1307 60"          UX-CLL1309 60"       
MB-CLL1407 65"          UX-CLL1409 65"       
MB-CLL1507 70"          UX-CLL1509 70"       
MB-CLL1607 75"          UX-CLL1609 75"       
MB-CLL1707 80"          UX-CLL1709 80"       
MB-CLL1807 85"          UX-CLL1809 85"       
MB-CLL1907 90"          UX-CLL1909 90"       
MB-CLL2007 95"          UX-CLL2009 95"       
MB-CLL2107 100"          UX-CLL2109 100"       
MB-CLL2207 105"          UX-CLL2209 105"       
MB-CLL2307 110"          UX-CLL2309 110"       
MB-CLL2407 115"          UX-CLL2409 115"       
MB-CLL2507 120"          UX-CLL2509 120"       


Target Distance (inches) 12  24   36  48      60        72   
Line Width (inches) .55 .7 1 1.2 1.5 1.8
Target Distance (cm) 31 61 91  122  150  180 
Line Width (cm) 1.4 1.8 2.5 3.0 3.8 4.6



Cover Options 
Dust & Water resistant cover (UL Line Light only)
Polarizing Filter (UL / UX Collimated only)




Driver & Strobe Options

We Offer our lights with many different driver configurations to make the lights compatible with the latest LED controllers and Vision Cameras. This provides greater flexibility, control, and convenience when integrating Metaphase illumination systems.

some drivers may not be compatible with all sizes due to current requirements etc. Please contact a Metaphase Representative for details.

Please call Metaphase at 215-639-8699 or your local representative for any additional information.


Collimated Line Light
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