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Off-Axis Ring Lights
Half Circle Off-Axis Ring Light -1" [+] View Details
Half Circle Off Axis Ring Light  1 OARL101-SC2
The 1" I.D. off-axis ring light (dark field) provides a near horizontal plane of light, useful for highlighting surface defects. The half circle is flexible to illuminate a fixed object at a desired angle and provides lighting from a low angle.
LED Light Engines & Fiber Illumination
MP-LED-150 [+] View Details
MP LED 150 MP-LED-150
Metaphase unveals its new light engine, the MP-LED-150 Microscope Illuminator for microscope,endoscope, and fiber lighting applications. Features include Long life LED lightsource, adjustable intensity, and low cost. The MP-LED-150 exceeds the industry’s standard 150 watt halogen based product and supplies a current stabilized even white illumination. The small form factor fits in a 6.4x4.1x6.0 dp space with all controls on front panel. The unit is supplied with a universal ac adapter for low voltage operation and universal nosepiece adaptable for a wide range of fiber sizes.
Harsh Environment / Washdown
Area Front Light - 11 x 6in (300x150mm) [+] View Details
Area Front Light   11 x 6in (300x150mm) MT-FL300x150
This washdown ruggedized MetaBright™ area front light provides 11" x 6" (300x150mm) direct intensity lighting. Used alone or in pairs these lights have the advantage of being able to be positioned for both on and off axis illumination.
LED Pattern Projector
Metaphase LED Pattern Projector [+] View Details
Metaphase LED Pattern Projector HP-LPP
LED Pattern projector illuminates a variety of patterns at different working distances. Paired with a lens and pattern reticle, the LED pattern projector is ideal for structured light applications. The device intensity can be controlled with a 0 ~ 10V intensity control signal. Optional manual dimmer available.
Line Lights / Line Scan
High Power Compact Diffused Tube Line Light [+] View Details
High Power Compact Diffused Tube Line Light HP-CDT
High Power Compact Diffused Tube Line Light
Flat Dome Lights
Technical Drawings / Spec Sheet [+] View Details
Harsh Environment / Washdown
Technical Drawings / Spec Sheet [+] View Details
Technical Drawings   Spec Sheet
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