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Hyperspectral Illumination

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared)

Multispectral Illumination

Line Lights / Line Scan

ExoLight™ (Linear Illuminators)

Barcode Lighting



Harsh Environment / Washdown

Diffused Dome / Tube Lights

LED Pattern Projector

LED Light Engines & Fiber Illumination

Front Lights

Diffused Axial Lights

Ring Lights

Off-Axis Ring Lights

High Power Flood Light

Flat Dome Lights

Strobe Lights/Law Enforcement

Manual Dimmers

Power Supplies


Horticultural Lights


Expert in Engineering

For nearly two decades, Metaphase Technologies has been developing products that advance "The Quality of Light" through engineering and manufacture of cutting-edge LED illuminators for machine vision, military, and specialty lighting applications. We boast expertise in engineering flexible lighting solutions for ease of integration into vision systems design.


Cutting-Edge Solutions                      

Through patent-pending breakthroughs in uniform diffuse high brightness and ultra-brightness LED illumination our MetaLightTM and MetaBrightTM LED lighting solutions are enhancing the capabilities of imaging and automation systems in the United States, Canada, and overseas. Our versatile designs are continuously upgraded to incorporate the latest LED, thermal management, optics, and electronic technologies available.


Synergized Technology

First to implement built-in constant current drivers across multiple product lines, Metaphase continues to synergize cutting-edge LED lighting & control technologies in an effort to simplify innovation and increase return on investment.


Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

Manufacturability, durability, and application play equal parts from beginning to end in our engineering & design process. We take the time to meticulously design products that combine ease of manufacture, high quality standards, and utility into a lean manufacturing model. This foresight enables Metaphase to offer the most advanced designs on the market at affordable prices. 


Product Diversity

Metaphase has been working with OEM partners for more than 20 years to develop & modify illuminators to fit their applications. Customer feedback on product performance, and technology advancements in LEDs, optics, and electrical components has led us to further improve upon these products to create second, third, and fourth generation illuminators. What we are left with, is the most extensive and advanced illuminator product line on the market, period. We currently have over 4,000 application specific lighting solutions available with more options and improvements on the way. 


Customer Service

We work together with manufacturers to determine the most effective illumination for their unique application. Metaphase’s reputation as a customer-oriented, technology based company, continues to expand while our product’s performance and reliability sets the foundation for solid relationships with the world’s leading automation, integration, and vision companies.


Manufactured in the USA

Metaphase has been manufacturing in the USA at our headquarters outside Philadelphia, PA since our founding. With our company focus on flexible lighting solutions, incorporating the latest technologies available—we have found having Production, R&D and Technical Support in the same building an enormous asset. Keeping these qualified personnel in one location makes our Philadelphia headquarters a fast-paced synergistic environment for ideas, product development, and customer support—a foundation that allows Metaphase to keep an experienced finger on the pulse of lighting science, and to quickly make those advancements available to end users.


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