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Horticultural Lights

Metaphase Technologies prides itself on its comprehensive optical engineering capabilities and employs a full-time engineering staff of both mechanical and electrical engineers to address all of your lighting problems.

Whether your need is for one light or thousands of production units, you can count on the Metaphase team to deliver solid results. Our team will work with you from tissue sketch to assembly line manufacturing.

Unlike other off-the-shelf lighting companies, we welcome the opportunity to review your lighting ideas and help you design a revolutionary lighting product. As manufacturers ourselves, our designs will always have emphasis on manufacturability and cost-to-value ratio.



Washdown Sealed Products:

Certain vision systems require rugged, waterproof, or washdown compatible lighting solutions. Metaphase Technologies boasts an expert lighting design staff and years of experience adapting our lights to the specific needs of our customers.

We use top grade materials such as 316 stainless steel, FDA certified gaskets, NEMA 4X rated connectors and cable glands. Our expert engineers and our almost 2 decades of experience designing sealing pressure vessels and electronics instrumentation for the military enables us to tackle some of the toughest lighting applications you'll ever encounter.


Ultraviolet Lighting:

Metaphase Technologies offers Ultraviolet lighting options in most of our products. Ultraviolet light interacts with materials in a unique way that enables features and characteristics to be observed that are not detectable by other lighting methods. Ultraviolet light is absorbed by many materials that allow for a visual topography of objects to be made.

Ultraviolet lighting can be used in applications involving the detection of surface imperfections such as scratches or to inspect paint discoloration between items. Contact Metaphase Technologies to learn more about how to utilize Ultraviolet light in your inspection process.

UV (long)  
UV (short)  


Infrared Lighting:

Infrared Lighting for machine vision is used in many inspections to reduce the color of an object to to make other points more visible. Infrared Lighting can also be used to reduce glare and reflections to allow for closer imaging. Due to the longer wavelength Infrared can see through lighter materials of plastic, cloth, paper, and some organic materials to allow for internal inspection.
Metaphase Technologies offers Infrared Lighting in many of our products. Infrared Lighting can be used in inspection processes such as building inspection, air leakage, chemical identification, food inspection, and plastic inspection.


 Custom Sizes:



If you do not see a size that you need listed on our website, please contact Metaphase Technologies to inquire about specialty sizes. We are able to make our lights at any size to meet our customer's request. Please contact a Sales representative to learn more about this specialty option.




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