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Ring Lights:

Standard and MetaBright™ Series

Our Metaphase Ring Lights offer shadowless illumination, intensity, power and 5x lifetime over fluorescents. Ring lights are essential for lighting specular or diffused surfaces. Our Metabright Ring Lights are built with high density LEDs that create bright illumination of surfaces for a wide spectrum of inspection purposes.  

Metaphase ring lights are specially designed to project an even 360 degree overlapping ring of light from camera to lens. In most front lighting applications our ring lights are a simple, low cost solution to camera lighting. 

Machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum all of the ring lights we make are just as robust and employ Metaphase's proprietary thermal management technology to dissipate internal die temperature externally. Three 1/4-20 tapped holes provide the ability to mount the ring light directly on the camera and lights are compatible with most camera brackets for direct mounting.



[pictured above] Fastener inspection imaging with Metaphase Near Axial Ring Light



  • Exclusive prealignment process aims and then thermally pots each LED                                                               
  • Configurable for various wave lengths including IR, UV and RGB
  • Continuous, Dimming, and Strobing Controllability Modes 
  • Homogenous light output
  • Provides ON-axis illumination
  • Solid one-piece machined aluminum housings and thermal potting assures long life performance even in rugged environments


  • Label Identification
  • Direct part marking identification
  • Surface inspection and finishes
  • Microscopic stage illumination
  • Solder joint inspection
  • Components identification
  • Molded part features
  • Close-up, near-shadowless single light illumination applications



Ring Lights
Near Axial Ring Light [+] View Details
Near Axial Ring Light Our near axis ring light provides extreme intensity lighting for working distance. Our ring lights can be configured for wavelength and other specifications.
Washdown Ring Light [+] View Details
Washdown Ring Light Our IP67 Washdown and Harsh Environment Near Axial and Bright Field Ring Lights allow you to use one of the most popular lighting systems in a larger variety of environments. These Ring Lights can now be used where they may be exposed to water, moisture, and debris. With this watertight gasket design, high-pressure jets and wash downs are no problem; great for food, drug, or outdoor applications. The Metabright Washdown Ring Light is available with a wide variety of LED colors such as White, Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV (365 nm and 395 nm), and RGB with independent color control.
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