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MetabrightTM Robolights provide high intensity direct illumination comparable to MetabrightTM Front Lights and are designed for IP68 rated environments.  Robolights feature rugged industrial housings for industrial work envelopes.

The Robolight is a cost effective and “integrator ready” machine vision illuminator with an integrated constant current driver (24 volt version).


  • Rugged housings for industrial work envelopes
    • IP68 Black Anodized Aluminum
    • IP68 Stainless Steel
  • Tapped holes for mounting
  • Lens options for Wide, Narrow, and Line (Exolight diffuser)
  • Polarization option
  • In-line strobe, 24VDC, ULC2, etc. versions available
  • Standard wavelengths: Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV, RGB


  • Large work envelopes
  • Packaging, food and pharmaceuticals
  • Wet/harsh environments
  • Washdown applications
  • Liquid filling


Available Wavelengths

(IR 940 nm and longer IR wavelengths are available)

Please contact your Metaphase representative for information regarding wavelengths that do not appear above.



Power Source: 24VDC +/-10%
Cable (Standard): 10 foot / (3.05 m) cable with flying leads
Housing Options: Black Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: -30° C to 60° C
Cooling: Passive Thermal Conduction
Lifetime Expectancy: 75,000 hours
Intensity (White): 106,000 Lux* minimal
Compliance: CE, RoHS
Intensity Control: 0-10V intensity control built in. Compatible with optional DDC-3 and ILD-35-24-L

*Please contact your Metaphase representative for possible higher intensity versions.


Driver & Strobe Options

We Offer our lights with many different driver configurations to make the lights compatible with the latest LED controllers and Vision Cameras. This provides greater flexibility, control, and convenience when integrating Metaphase illumination systems.

some drivers may not be compatible with all sizes due to current requirements etc. Please contact a Metaphase Representative for details.

Please call Metaphase at 215-639-8699 or your local representative for any additional information.


Click image below to download a PDF




Length Drawings
MB-RBL205 6"       
MB-RBL285 8"      
MB-RBL305 12"      
MB-RBL365 16"      
MB-RBL385 18"      
MB-RBL405 24"        
MB-RBL505 30"        
MB-RBL605 36"        
MB-RBL705 42"        
MB-RBL805 48"        
MB-RBL905 54"        
MB-RBL1005 60"        
MB-RBL1105 66"        
MB-RBL1205 72"        

Contact your Metaphase representative for the most current data and information.


Lens Option

Add a dash and the corresponding
lens code to the end of the
model number from the table.

Designator Code
Narrow (8°) - Standard N
RoboExo (Exolight Diffuser) L
Wide (34°) W


Polarization Option

Add a dash and the corresponding
polarization code to the end of the
?model number from the table

Designator Code
Polarized Light P


Stainless Steel Option

Add a dash and a SS to the end of the entire model number:

Designator Code
Stainless Steel Housing SS



Please call Metaphase at 215-639-8699 or your local representative for any additional information.

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