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SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared)

Visible, IR, UV, Multispectral and now SWIR. Metaphase continues to lead the machine vision LED illumination market with innovative products that utilize the latest in LED technology. SWIR, typically defined to be wavelengths included in the 900nm to 2500nm range, is another tool that can be used to find defects in objects where typical UV, Visible and IR illumination do not provide the necessary contrast. Like visible light, different materials will absorb and reflect SWIR. Applications include inspection of fruit (bruising), solar cell & semiconductor wafer inspection, anti-counterfeiting, leak detection, presence of coatings, fill level, moisture presence, etc.



Exo2 Light

Hybrid Spot Light

Dome Light


Available Wavelengths


  • Silicon Wafer Inspection
  • Fill Level
  • Liquid Identification
  • Glass Inspection
  • Fruit Bruising
  • Machine Vision & Automation 
  • Robotic Inspection



Motor Oil Bottle Illuminated by Metaphase’s SWIR Exo
Front Light held 18” away from product. Showing SWIR penetration through the opaque plastic bottle and paper brand label on the front and back of the bottle



Backlite vial with water using
Metaphase’s SWIR Backlight

Illuminated vial with water and Plastic vial cap /w metal backing.

We were able to image the print under the plastic cap Using Metaphase's SWIR Exo2 Front Light
and our SWIR Hybrid Spot Light Image 1 Monochrome Image


SWIR Area Scan Camera Examples

Xenics: Bobcat

AVT: Goldeye

PhotonFocus: MV3

NIT: WiDy SWIR Cameras

 Sensors Unlimited:
SWIR Are Scan

Raptor Photonics: OWL Series 

SWIR Vision Systems: Acuros SWIR Series

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SWIR Area Scan
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